Lean Six Sigma Training

Green & Black belt lean six sigma training course The lean six sigma training course for green and black belts - generally involves over 40 hours of class room training, together with self study and project assignments. The objective of the course is to provide More


What is a SIPOC diagram ? The SIPOC is a fairly straightforward process map that looks at the process at a relatively high level. The SIPOC is generally used at the start of a lean six sigma project within the More

PDCA Cycle

What is Plan Do Check Act [PDCA] ? PDCA offers a data driven method of creating a never ending cycle of continuous improvement. It involves a team approach to develop ideas, analyse data, hypothesise causes and test solutions for problems More

Toyota Production System [TPS]

The term lean manufacturing was coined in the 1980′s in the book “the machine that changed the world” [Womack, Jones and Roos]. Yet it’s origins come 40 years earlier, from the Japanese automotive industry. It is for these reasons that Lean More

Lean Six Sigma Certification Process

The LSS certification process involves the demonstration of an individual’s understanding, application of the lean six sigma tools and techniques to everyday business situations. Problems with certification The main issue with lean six sigma certification is that there is no More

Fishbone diagram

fishbone diagram

The fishbone diagram is also referred to as the cause and effect diagram, or Ishikawa diagram. It is considered one of the seven keys tools of quality management. Although the tool was first proposed and used by Karu Ishikawa, it More

What is 5S ?

What are the benefits of the 5 S implementation ? A number of benefits naturally arise by establishing order in the way people work. These include operator efficiency, reduced machine set-up times, reduced cycle times, improved floor space utilisation and More